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EduCare USA

Au Pair program gives its participants the opportunity to live, work and study in the USA during 12 months with the right to extend visa and contract in the US. Program participant lives in the American family, provides child care assistance, attends English language courses and has the opportunity to practice English in everyday life. Absolute majority of the participants of this program are girls, boys take part significantly less often as it is more difficult to find family for them.

The program participant must meet the following criteria:

  • To be from 18 to 26 years old; To have at least secondary education;
  • To speak basic English;
  • To posses driving license (B category).

What the program participant receives:

  • Weekly bursary – the amount is determined by the US government (this amount varies depending on the minimal wage, the participant should expect some 150 US dollars per week);
  • The host family pays first 500 USD of the tuition of the college;
  • The host family provides free accommodation and meals;
  • Medical insurance without franchise;
  • Two weeks paid vacation per year;
  • 5 days off per month (3 weeks per month – only Sundays, 1 week per month – Saturday and Sunday);
  • the host family pays the cost of the return ticket from Ukraine;
  • after the successful completion of the program 500 USD of the program cost is refunded to the participant;

Participant’s duties:

The program participant must take care after the host family’s children at least 45 hours per week. Taking care of the children lasts not more than 5.5 days per week and not more than 10 hours per day. The participant’s duties focus on taking care of the children, hard home work should not be done. The typical duties of the program participant normally include: walkouts with children, dressing / undressing the children an bathing children, playing with children, cooking food for children, taking care of their clothes, beds, taking the to school and from the school, watching kids when they are asleep or when the parents are absent.

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