Education in USA American system of secondary and higher education is considered to be one of the most perfect and efficient in the world. Diploma of the American educational institution gives to its holder the opportunity to receive well-paid and interesting job.

American education has gained worldwide popularity first of all thanks to it quality and efficiency. Obvious advantage of the education in USA is the opportunity to learn perfect English to get acquainted with the culture and tradition of the one of the most developed countries in the world, to gain new friends from the different corners of the world.

In the US there are three types of the education – secondary (high school), academic and English language studies.

Secondary education

Secondary education

This type of education is designated for the children of the school age (take to the account that secondary education in the USA lasts for 12 years, not 11). As a rule parents send there children to the US with the prospective to continue the education either in the US or in another English – speaking countries.

Foreign child can be admitted to the American secondary school as from the first class as well as later. If the child enters the secondary school not from the first class s/he needs to pass entry examination of the basic school subjects and to do that indeed s/he must know English (the older the child the higher are the requirements).

Please note that foreign child can be admitted not to any secondary school in the USA but only to the private boarding schools. The number of such school is quite big that is why the parents and the child have the possibility to choose between boarding schools according to many criteria beginning from with the budget and finishing with the location. Education in all these boarding schools is paid, the cost of one year in from 10 000 US dollars, to this amount not only the tuition is included but also all regular expenses (accommodation, food, books, transport etc.)

If you interested with the opportunity of the receiving of the secondary education in the USA and more detailed information in that regard please contact us.

Academic education

Academic education This type of education correspond to that one we call “higher education”. Alien can enter any university or college in the USA, the studies in the majority of cases is paid. The cost of one year study starts from 12 000 US dollars a year, to this amount not only the tuition is included but also all regular expenses (accommodation, food, books, transport etc.)

Those students who pass university entry examination especially good and have extraordinary abilities may receive the government grants however that is very difficult for the alien student.

There are also special programs for those students who already have higher education (for Ukraine – bachelor’s degree at least), what gives the opportunity to study during one year in the American higher education institution on the restricted number of specializations. Student participating in these programs receive US government grant on the full cost of the tuition, they receive 700 per month bursary, return flight tickets.

Sure applicants to these programs pass very difficult selection process. Regular procedure of entry to the US university consists of writing an essay on particular topic and also the applicant has to prove English language knowledge on the sufficient level.

To prove English language knowledge the applicant may submit the result of English language official test (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge certificate etc.) however in order to successful entry the score must be not lower the level determined by the particular university. Another option is to study one year preparation English language course in the university the applicant is going to apply for the admission to (in this case you may not pass the official test) however not all universities have such courses.

It is impossible to describe all universities and colleges, specializations and departments within one resource and that is why our company applies the method of the individual selection of the educational institution depending on the requirements of the customer, the budget, specialization and other criteria.

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English language learning

English language learning This type of education involves English language learning on the special courses. As a rule, students of such courses know English at least on basic level and wish to improve its knowledge rather than study it “from zero”.

For those students who don’t know English there are courses with Russian speaking teachers however their number is restricted. Children can study English on summer courses. The duration of such courses start from 2 weeks and may last for several years depending on the requirements of the student. Apart of that there are specialized English courses – English for businessmen, lawyers etc. Often such courses are carried out by particular college or university, more rarely – by the organization what carry out English language courses only.

All such courses are paid, the cost starts from 800 USD per month, to this amount not only the tuition is included but also all regular expenses (accommodation, food, books, transport etc.)

The results of the special English language tests (please see Academic education) in the majority of cases are not required, they are obligatory for some advanced courses carried our by the prestigious universities.

After the graduation of the course students receive the certificate of diploma. The same to the academic education the list of such courses is vast that is why individual selection is applied, If you interested in English language learning in the USA to receive more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact us.