Welcome to the web page of our company Pacific Universal Group Ukraine. We sincerely thank you for the interest shown in the activities of our company. Pacific Universal Group Ukraine was founded in 2005. The staffs of our company are genuine professionals in the realm of our business, who are constantly improving their knowledge and skills to improve the quality of our services and to maximize the satisfaction of our customers.
One of the basic principles of our work is the individual approach to work with our customers, taking to the account of the peculiarities of each case, using and emphasizing individual advantages in eliminating individual deficiencies. Due to this, our clients often turned into our friends after moving, working or studying in the USA, and have continued to communicate with us, recommend us to relatives, friends, and acquaintances respectively. Thus, we are convinced that "word of mouth" is the most effective method of advertising.

Employment in the United States

is one of the directions of our work. The working conditions in the US, in any position, differ from the conditions that most workers in Ukraine are used to. The prosperity of the American economy is primarily based on the principles of free market and competition. Therefore, hardworking, initiative and responsible workers are valued, employers are competing for such workers by paying the appropriate compensation and providing various benefits - for example, buying health insurance with additional coverage, paying for courses to increase the level of English or other foreign languages skills (in the Southern States, the knowledge of Spanish is an advantage, in some states bordering with Canada, knowledge of French is welcome) etc. Among others, Pacific Universal Group Ukraine arranges employment of the applicants on internship positions in the United States, what in most cases, is suitable for employees who set a goal, first of all, to gain the experience in well-known companies for further development of their own careers. Our company provides work in the US for women and men, between the ages of 21 to 58 with or without the knowledge of English Language. For workers between the ages of 18 to 21 and over 58, there are a limited number of employment options. Workers with sufficient level of English and appropriate CV may get improved work conditions in the US. However, providing our clients with accommodation is a mandatory condition for us.

Education in the US

has always been very popular. Our clients study both in English language courses (general English, specialized by professional specialties, Business English, preparation to TOEFL, IELTS, summer courses for children, etc.), and for academic courses presupposing gaining particular specialty and appropriate diploma. Education in the USA is not a cheap pleasure, but there are many programs that provide partial or full funding for the course of study (government programs funded by the US Government, programs funded by a particular educational institution, programs funded by private funds). The sense of providing funding is based on the constant search for students with leadership qualities who share American values, which transcends to the larger society. One can begin studying in the US from kindergarten and, afterward to continue the whole life there. American education has allowed our clients to open many doors of increased complexity.
Again, our company also offers the opportunity for simultaneous work and study. Note that under such conditions, the rhythm of life is arduous and intense, so this service is more often used by workers of a younger age. In addition, our company provides assistance in obtaining licenses such as; Driver's license, various professional licenses, permits for certain types of work, and the likes.

Receiving a visa to the United States

is almost the most important stage of our work with each client. The work of the US Consulate in Ukraine has a number of characteristics that can rarely be properly taken into account by the applicant without the relevant knowledge and experience. Our company relies on working together with the client to achieve success. The main task of our employees is to take into account the peculiarities of each specific cases, emphasize or enhance benefits, eliminate or reduce deficiencies, transmit knowledge acquired by our employees during more than 12 years of work, and ensure accurate match for the case of a specific client with the requirements of the US Consulate. Employees of our company have good track records of experience working with different types of US visa, both for nonimmigrant and immigrant respectively. One of the sub-directions of our activity is to work with applicants who have one or more visa refusals, deportation or removal from the United States (A-case). Such works are more complex and require specific knowledge and skills. Therefore, after receiving the visa, our company provides social adaptation services in the United States, which includes: meeting at the airport, providing housing, opening bank accounts, obtaining a Social Security Number (SSN), driver's license, and so on.
Please contact us, and we will be pleased to take part in the realization of your dream!
Sincerely yours
Team Pacific Universal Group Ukraine